About Us

Fluid Intelligence

Fluid Intelligence is a data analysis resource that creates insight and solutions in goods movement.

A partnership between HOPA Ports and the McMaster Institute for Transportation and Logistics (MITL), we help businesses and policymakers make better supply chain, transportation and infrastructure planning decisions.

Using data from all modes to solve problems and create new opportunities, we can help you find insights in your own data, and connect it with others to solve your biggest goods movement challenges.


Lead Partners

McMaster Institute For Transportation and Logistics

MITL is a university institute supported by the public and private sectors. MITL works with industry and governments to address regional and national transportation and logistics challenges.


Hamilton Oshawa Port Authority

HOPA Ports is one of Canada’s largest integrated port networks, with facilities throughout southern Ontario. Our job is to improve supply chains and facilitate trade to grow Canada’s economy.

Fluid Intelligence is made possible with the support of Transport Canada.


Fluid Intelligence has access to an extensive range of data sets, from all modes of transportation and Canadian and international sources. We can leverage these data sets, and merge them with your own data to provide a specific, actionable analysis of your supply chain or transportation network.


Example Projects

Increase efficiency for business logistics:

Take advantage of empty container movements around southern Ontario to reduce the number of truck movements, saving costs while reducing congestion and GHG emissions.

Improve transportation system performance:

Optimizing truck movements around freight hubs to reduce impacts on neighboring communities.

Evaluate business transportation options:

Make the best modal choice for your business

Create use case for new systems:

Use information about regional cargo movements to create short sea shipping alternatives to surface transportation.